VET & Technologies Teachers: How you can help

Dear VET & Technologies Teachers,

By now, you are probably aware that despite a huge skill shortage of VET and Design & Technologies (D&T) teachers in schools, the only undergraduate Initial Teacher Education (ITE) program in Victoria designed to prepare VET and D&T teachers recently closed its doors. Its closure means that Victoria currently has no way of producing a supply of VET and D&T teachers to resource secondary schools in Victoria. From these ashes, a campaign has emerged to fight for ITE programs for VET and Technologies teachers, called the Campaign for VET and Technologies Education (CVTE).

Since 2017, the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) have been offering Permission to Teach (PTT) to hundreds of VET trainers and some Technologies trainers who do not need to show that they are working towards teacher qualification. Many schools now have no option but to employ unqualified people to do the work of VET and/or Technologies Teachers in schools to keep curriculum areas open. The CVTE thinks that this is not good enough, and believes that the rise of trainers employed to do the work of teachers in schools is resulting in poor quality provision across the board.

How you can help

Real-life stories are a powerful way to get messages across, and so for this reason the CVTE are seeking stories from qualified VET and Technologies teachers (and stakeholders) to help illustrate why qualified teachers are so important for the maintenance of high-quality education. It does not have to be long, but a tale of your personal experiences will help create a strong argument regarding why Victoria needs ITE courses capable of producing qualified VET and Technologies teachers for Victorian schools. We are doing our best to uphold high standards, but we need your help.

If you have a story to share, then we would love to hear from you!

You can share your story via the hyperlink below:

Share your story here

Thank you for helping to support high-quality education in Victoria.



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