What can Australia learn from VET Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Nordic countries?

In late 2021, Dr Karen O'Reilly-Briggs was awarded a prestigious International Specialised Skills Institute, Department of Education and Training Fellowship to investigate the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) of VET teachers for secondary schools overseas. The aim of the fellowship is to investigate best practice overseas, and bring knowledge back to Australia where it can be used to inform and improve the quality of VET provision in Australia. O'Reilly-Briggs is in the process if planning to travel to Nordic countries, including Norway, Sweden and Finland in 2022. Here, she will conduct applied research to learn how these countries manage to offer and sustain their VET ITE programs to industry professionals transitioning from industry into the VET secondary teaching profession.

O'Reilly-Briggs is keeping a blog to update the many industry supporters of her Fellowship, so you can keep an eye on her progress here:


For more information about the ISS Institute and Fellowships on offer, visit: https://www.issinstitute.org.au/

Photo: Dr Karen O'Reilly-Briggs

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