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How you can help ...

1. Complete the survey

VET and Technologies teachers who have previously completed the Bachelor of Technology Education (or former Graduate Diploma of Technology Education) at La Trobe University will soon be invited to participate in a survey - The results of which will help the campaign to argue for the need to reintroduce undergraduate VET & Technologies Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses in Victoria. PSTs in the current teach-out version of the course will also be invited to take part. If you are a past student (or current PST) of the program and would like to help out, please email Karen at so we can send you a link to the survey. Thank you!

2. Write to MPs

You can help by writing to relevant ministers to request undergraduate ITE courses for VET and Technologies Teachers in Victoria.  You can email Ministers directly, call them, or even post a snail mail letter.

You may like to download one of our editable templates below.

'You catch more flies with honey' - so please be polite!

The Hon James Merlino MP

Minister for Education

Phone: (03) 9651 1222


The Hon Gayle Tierney MP

Minister for Training, Skills & Higher Education

Phone: (03) 9637 3196