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The Campaign for VET and Technologies Education (CVTE) is a group of education stakeholders committed to upholding high-quality VET and Technologies Education provision in Victoria. The group so far consists of members who are: Secondary school managers, University lecturers, researchers, Applied learning teachers, Technologies teachers, VET in Schools teachers, TAFE / VET teachers and union officials. All members are committed to high-quality VET and Technologies teaching and excellence in education.


Stories from the workshop floor

James: VET Hospitality & Design & Technologies teacher from central Victoria

I was a qualified Chef, looking to change professions and the Latrobe Technology teachers course was brought to my attention as a way to do that. I completed the course and began teaching in an ongoing position as the school I applied at, realised the value of my qualifications as a Trade Qualified Chef. During my first year of teaching, I taught a Hospitality Course with 10 students in it. These students were put through a Cafe course with Resume Building, Money Handling, Food Safety and Food Preparation segments to it. By the end eight students had the skills, confidence and knowledge to apply for work and were all successful in gaining secure employment due to the skills taught to them. The school looked at this as a solid win for the students in the low socio-economic suburb due to the quality of experience I had provided in the realism of the subject. This type of outcome in just the first year of teaching was due to having a qualified Technology teacher in front of the class. The type of realism that gains these results can only come from someone with real-world industry experience, that can match learning outcomes to real world scenarios to gain the best outcomes.